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KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Espresso Machine Review

This Super-Automatic Espresso Machine hovers around $600, providing a less-expensive, yet still professional, option for coffee connoisseurs that want a rich at home brewing experience. It’s a great middle ground. While it is less expensive, it is also a lot smaller than the DeLonghi EASM3500.N Magnifica. Krups celebrates the fact that it is compact in size. Do not be deceived, though; this small machine packs a big punch. Everything about this machine tells us that Krups works hard to put their consumers first and designs their machines with the needs and wants of their buyers in mind.

While we are talking about “small” it might be said that less really is more here, especially when it comes to the time it takes to clean up after your coffee. With the Krups EA8250 Espresseria Espresso Machine, your morning routine is simplified. Now you can get up and get on your way to start your busy day faster, and with little clean up involved.

One of the best features, for users hoping to dive into the world of espresso with ease is the user-friendly control panel with a sharp and sleek instinctive LCD screen that allows you to operate the machine with the simple turning of a knob. This product guarantees users the perfect shot of espresso and uses the Espresseria’s patented compact thermoblock heating technology, a 15-bar high-pressure pump, and a newly designed hydraulic tamping system for precise and automated extraction as well as consistent results. Gourmet coffee has never been so glamorous!

To make each shot of espresso more fully enjoyable, Krups recommends using medium roasted beans to avoid the bitter, overly-processed and harsh aftertastes that darker beans tend to have. This will give you the most well-balanced, creamy and full-bodied flavor.

Clean up? No, not really. This compact design by Krups was intentionally crafted to avoid any manual operations in regards to the cleaning of the appliance. Thanks to them, you will never have to clean the inside of the unit or worry about replacing misfunctional parts.

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